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About us

SandDBooks is a publishing project which offers different kind of intellectual services.
Founded in 2015, in Venezuela and Guyana, SandDBooks has as goals the electronic publishing of artistic texts with high quality and its promotion in website and social media.
The name of SandDBooks is taken from an acronym made with the alias of the CEO members: 'Sally' (Saloumeh al Mourillo) and 'David' (Carlos Velasquez). Both members are book lovers and have a vast experience in the market of publishing and art-design.

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Literary Books

SandDBooks has particular interests in publish literary works like classic poetry, medieval stories and original texts. In that sense, we are proud to promote new anotated editions of inmortal books and launch them to new digital formats. Our works are the result of years of reading, design experience and academic research.

Illustrated Books

SandDBooks displays a collection of illustrated books which are designed with dedication. Our illustrated books can be a interesting detail to gift to family and friends.


Publishing advisory

The main members of SandDBooks belong to a generation of editors whose have obtained a vast experience during almost 10 years in the publishing market in Venezuela and Latinoamerica. For that reason, SandDBooks offers as main service the study and analysis of the literary manuscripts of amateur and experienced authors to be published according to the market, the importance of the work, and the recognition of the critics.


Publishing services

Our publishing services are focused in the registration, design, diagramation,proofreading, and realising of the work to the digital platforms as Amazon, Abebooks, or Ex-Libris.
Also as a agency services, SandDBooks has a special care to the recognition and protection of the intellectual work of the authors (according the case), under the international laws and local conditions (in the cases of Venezuela and The Caribbean Community).


Academic research

One of the most interesting goals of SandDBooks agency is the publising of work products of academic research in literature, art, history and science. The members of SandDBooks are active professors of differents subjects in Universities of Venezuela. In that sense, to the agency is very important the divulgation and the support of academic projects which have contribute with the development of human knowledge.


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